Force Tension / Force Measuring Recording and Control

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    Force Force Measuring control


    • Type:Concrete Batching Plant,Concrete Mixers,Concrete Spreader,Concrete Truck,Concrete Vibrator

    Key Features

    This system is idea for upgrading quality of concrete Pile / Pole pre-casting producing 。The system apply the Industrial Computer & Sensors mounted on hydraulic unit  . When the system will be applied , which can reduce human mistake recording & operating ,The measured data shall be stored in the computer & can recheck these data in the future while some troubles are trailed。

    The System is suitable measuring recording & control for Spun Pile / Pole precasting  :
    1. Force tension for tension PC Wire of mold inside
    2. Bending force test
    3. Internal force test
    4. External force test
    5.Segment force test

    The Feature :
     1.Friendly operating interface , easy to operating , long life 。
    2. the system can be used to exited or / and new force tension machine equipment ( hydraulic set )。
    3. preset the high force , Alarm value。Real time force curve display on the screen 。 
    4. the measured information will be stored in the computer, the system is available to link with other computer via LAN for database in factory’s office 。
    5. Re-called function : Re-printing & Re-display function 。


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    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C