Concrete Batching Plant ( Free Ground Work )

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    Concrete Batching Plant

    Key Features

    New model  without civil foundation for the plant

    CCPWF - Series  Concrete Batching Plant

          The CCPWF series is compacted movable type batching plant . This model is suitable for low and middle production capacity . The module design for quick installation , flexibility and easy movement . The aggregate into the bin will be loaded by wheel loader .

    Model No.



    Production Capacity (max.)

    50 m3/h


    Mixer ( twin shafts )

    TSM-1000S  1.0m3/b  37KW

    TSM-1500S  1.5m3/b  45KW

    Aggregate Bin

    3 bins ,  6m3/bin

    3 bins ,  6m3/bin

    Aggregate Weighing belt conveyor



    Aggregate Winch Capacity  



    Aggregate Weighing (accumulate)

    2500kg/2kg , ±2%

    3000kg/2kg , ±2%

    Cement Weighing

    500kg/1kg , ±1%

    800kg/1kg , ±1%

    Water Weighing

    250kg/1kg , ±1%

    300kg/1kg , ±1%

    AE Weighing

    30kg/1kg , ±1%

    30kg/1kg , ±1%

    Screw Conveyor



    Cement Silo (optional item)

    50 tons x2

    100 tons x2

    Power , 3 . by requested 

    AC380V , 50HZ / AC220V,60HZ

    AC380V , 50HZ / AC220V,60HZ

    The features :

    1.This series is well suitable for small volume concrete and a little space at job sit .

    2. This series is without the civil foundation construction for main equipment .It is necessary that the job site is neat ground for installed the equipment of the plant and for truckmixer moving .

    3. It is easy and fast that the equipment are installed and moving in / out the job site .

    4.  The used containers will be used to site office , rest room or tools room etc. .

    5.  The plant will be built-in 3 bins of aggregate bin .The Aggregate loading is by wheel loader .

    6.   The cement silo is optional item . The silo capacity is 50  to 100 tons depend on requested .

    7. The screw conveyors are provided by seller . Normally, it is enough for 2~3 cement silos. 

    8. The mixer will be twin shafts mixer with grease system (by manual) for oil sealing .

    9. All weighing system are used load cells and digital indicators .

    10.The control system is applied computerized controlling with printing function . The operating mode is both automatic and manual .

    11.The plant are the reliability , heavy duty ,high accuracy of weighing .     The computer controlling is built in the falling different compensation       and high stability . Also , the maintenance is low cost.