Bucket Elevator Spare Parts

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    Bucket Elevator Spare Parts

    Key Features

    Bucket Elevator Spare Parts


    Bucket Elevator classification :

    1. Belt Type Elevator

    2. Ring Chain Type Elevator

    3. Plate Chain Type Elevator 


    Chain and Plate components are selected performance material made of state-of-the-art processing heat treatment process . The hardness and size are take inspection working . The inspection working ensure that the products are excellent tensile strength and wear resistance, service life of up to 3-5 years.

         Driving head roller covered with a heat resistant rubber, both ends of the advanced and reasonable structure design ensures the belt to prevent lateral offset movement. The life of up to 6 years.

         Sprocket and chain groove are made by WEDM method . This processing has high precision

    sufficient to ensure the synchronization of the two sprocket. The alveolar surface using IF quenching effectively to ensure the uniformity of the hardened layer .



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